Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Secretario de la Culpa

My son-in-law Tim's cousin, Tyler Francis, has been serving in this mission. He had been the Secretary to the previous Mission President, Pres. Del Castillo, and a Zone Leader. For the past several weeks he has been back in the mission offices helping me organize my books and records for the 50 branches and 10 districts in the mission.

We needed a title for him, so after several attempts (Secretary of Technology, Secretary of Photography, Secretary of Stuff) I settled on Secretario de la Culpa, which means Secretary of Blame. So anything that went wrong in the mission for the past several weeks was Elder Francis' fault. Today he finished his mission and went home.

Here he is when we arrived.

Diane made a "little meal" in his honor tonight, attended by his amigos, the office staff.

What he thought was our final photograph together in the mission home.

Until Diane surprised him at the bus terminal with a batch of his favorite home made Oreo cookies. He just happened to have a copy of his grandmother's recipe and it found its way into Diane's hands.

And he is off...we will miss passing all of the blame on to the Secretario de la Culpa!


  1. Way to go Tyler!! Sister Heyman sure knows how to make the elders feel good and ready for a long trip home. You guys are awesome!
    Nice secretario de culpa:)
    Love ya, Ale

  2. homemade oreos? that was super nice! those missionaries have to loooove you!!