Monday, August 1, 2011

Our First Zone Leaders Conference

Once a month the Zone Leaders come from all over the mission to Resistencia to take care of administrative matters and then to be trained on the principles and doctrine of the Church and the Mission. The training takes place in the Quincho in the back courtyard of our home. It is like a big reception hall, with a meeting area, bathrooms, kitchen, storage and a barbecue area. There are 30 Zone Leaders. Some had to travel as far as 5 hours by bus, so we need to make sure it is worth their time. I'll let you decide for yourself how we did.

I started off sharing with them my vision for what we were going to do, why and how.

Then Diane spoke. She originally told me she wanted a translator, so I arranged for one. But when she stood up to speak she began in Spanish.

And kept speaking Spanish.

And kept speaking Spanish.

And after 25 minutes, she finished and sat down. The translator looked at me like, "What was I even here for"? I just shrugged my shoulders. She was awesome!

Then we had some other presenters and a musical number and after 4 1/2 hours, I closed the conference with some concluding remarks.

We had a local Church leader prepare an "asado" for the missionaries before they left.

I was getting hungry waiting and watching so I tried to take matters into my own hands.

The missionaries loved the food.

For a little entertainment, I had 30 good looking young men waive "hi" to my Mom in Arizona via Skype.

She loved it.

Then it was time to go...and for Diane to surprise the missionaries one more time with a handshake, a "Gracias por todo, Elder", and one of these...

Is it any wonder that the missionaries just love Diane?

Or that we just love them?

Next month we do it again...and the missionaries voted for Diane's tacos to be on the menu!


  1. You guys look almost as young as the missionaries! And I love Grandma on skype! haha. Looks pretty successful to me. Mom, do you need taco seasoning shipped??

  2. Diane's performance makes me believe she came to play and is in "the zone".........

  3. How amazing!!! Way to go Diane and those cinnamon rolls- MMMMMMMM!!