Friday, August 12, 2011

Posadas II y El Dorado

Yes, we do the same presentation every time in each Zone Conference. So let's see if you have been paying attention.

Diane's c_ _k _ _ s.

The mi_ _ ion _ _ ies singing ¡Que L _ _ Cump_ _ Fel_ z!

Me t _ ying t_ be se_ io _ s.

Gr _ _tin_ th_ miss_ _ nar _ _ s.

The gr_ _ p ph _ t _.

T _ e He _m _ n _ s.

We made it home at 10:45 pm. Tomorrow is an office day and then we speak in Corrientes at 6 pm and have a dinner in Resistencia at 8 pm. On Monday and Tuesday we have our final two Zone Conferences in Resistencia for this cycle! Next, we learned a few things we can do better for our next Zone Conferences...

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