Sunday, August 14, 2011

Listen To Your Mother

Every day somewhere throughout Mormondom hundreds of mothers tell their sons to put down the controls of their video games and practice the piano. It sounds something like this:

Mom: Johnnie, put away your video game and start practicing the piano.


Mom: Johnnie, did you hear me? You better practice the piano, because someday you are going to serve a mission and there won't be anybody to play the hymns in the Church and you will be the only one and then you will thank me because you will be a real blessing to the people there.


And so goes the battle in a hundred countries and in a hundred languages (including the universal language of silence).

But, from my blog to your eyes, here is an example of what the pianist looked like in each of our Zone Conferences.

Here is an example of what the chorister looked like.

And, here are the pianists who played the hymns for the Resistencia Rio Negro Ward Conference today.

He accompanied for parts of two hymns (he is Diane's and my hero of the day).

She played the closing hymn.

Johnnie, put down the controls of your video game and practice the piano!

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  1. My friend is on a mission with you, and I stumbled on your blog. It's a great way for us to feel connected to him and his work. Thank you, Melissa from New York