Saturday, August 6, 2011

Anatomy of a Batch of Birthday Cookies

Next week Diane and I tour the mission again to hold Zone Conferences. This is when we meet with the missionaries, usually 30 at a time and train them, encourage them and check in on how they are doing. One tradition is to recognize all of those who have had birthdays recently. Diane decided she was going to bake something for each one. (my idea of just buying some baked goods was soundly defeated by a ONE to one vote). So this morning we went to a specialty bakery goods shop Diane somehow found when she was walking one is about 2 miles from our home down a side street...I didn't ask how.

So it started out normal enough...but then we hit the chocolate aisle...

And it just got crazy from then on...

Brown sugar...

Chocolate chips...


Does this look like a woman who has found Nirvana?

Nirvana comes at a cost, however...but I am sure the missionaries' reactions will more than compensate us...more to come on Zone Conferences!


  1. I'm laughing aloud! Is it semi-sweet chocolate?

  2. It is their version of semi-sweet. The chips are flat and mini-size. Not as good as Nestle's but good enough! Check out the azucar negra. That's how dark the brown sugar is! I think I bought enough to make the 400 chocolate chip cookies for zone conference and the 60 brownies for birthdays!!! :-)