Sunday, August 17, 2014

Returned Mission President Observations

Diane and I have been home a little more than one month. Here are some re-entry observations:

1. There are a bazillion fast food restaurants in the United States.

2. You can turn right on a red light unless it says not to...and people quickly honk their horns to remind you if you don't.

3. It is easy to commit to have lunch with more people than there are lunches.

4. You pump your own gas and clean your own windshields here.

5. Many people do not know how to react to an abrazo. And the second time you see them can be even more awkward..Will he hug me? Do I just shake his hand? What is this "air kiss" on the cheek thing?

6. You better have a 10 second answer prepared for the hallway question, "So, how was your mission?"

7. There is a hint of independence when one of your returned missionaries ends an email with "ex-Elder _______" or "ex-Hermana ______".

8. There is also a hint of independence when the phone rings and neither you nor your wife feel a moral obligation to answer it.

9. There is nothing more boring than a televised baseball I know why, when I was a child, my family used to play Scrabble during the New York Yankees telecasts!

10. Although I have plenty of colored and patterned dress shirts, I still exclusively wear white ones.

Bonus: Heat is heat regardless of humidity, elevation or time of year...and it is HOT in Arizona!