Sunday, August 21, 2011

All The News That Is Not Fit To Print

Here are a few things that have actually happened that you will not read about in our blog:

1. Ray "nudged" a motorcycle in an intersection...and after the motorcyclist had a few choice words the two parted company without police involvement.

2. Diane called the stove repairman because she kept on burning rice and thought the burners were broken. The repairman said to just turn the knob a little more to get the flame lower as nothing was wrong.

3. In Diane's prayer she said she was grateful to cook the Intendenta, when she meant to say she was grateful to meet the Intendenta. (that is a textbook Freudian slip if I ever heard one)

4. Ray went to the Resistencia International Airport to pick up two missionaries who had arrived at the Corrientes International Airport.

5. Diane thought she bought shortening but checked the label again (using Google translate) when she got home only to find out it was processed cow fat!

6. Ray thought Brother Fernandez was President Fernandez and mistakenly called him President Gonzales which thoroughly confused Ray, Brother Fernandez, President Fernandez and President Gonzales, who was standing a few feet away and heard Ray call his name.

7. Ray thought the cool air icon (a little snowflake) on the heating/cooling unit was the heat icon (a little sun) and turned the unit on full blast, left the room and came back to what was for a short time the country's largest icebox.

8. Diane tried to "self administer" a little hair touch-up, went to Walmart and bought some dye, applied it and looked in the mirror to find that her roots had turned orange!

9. Ray pushed the button to lower and close the garage door while the back door to the HiLux was raised for removing items...this caused the garage door to wedge against the car door...requiring a little surgery to release and then fix both the garage and car doors.

10. The National Police actually stopped Ray at a checkpoint and made him blow through his nose into a breath analyzer to see if he had been drinking. Although it was weird and they stopped everyone, he was confident he would pass because he does not drink and has never snorted alcoholic beverages either!

So, that is the type of stuff that happens that you will never read about in our blog!


  1. Sounds like Mom needs to get out and direct you when you are backing up before that becomes a problem too! Ha. This made me laugh.

  2. My husband and I had such a good laugh tonight :)

  3. HILARIOUS!!!! You 2 are the best ever!!

  4. Mom, for the sake of all motorcyclists, DONT LET DAD DRIVE! He's obviously all over the place if they're making him take breathalyzer tests!!!

  5. This made me laugh! I can totally picture all of it.

  6. Hilarious!! So you're saying we really won't get to see a picture of Diane with orange roots?