Thursday, August 11, 2011

Posadas I y Apostoles

I really love the cities and towns in the province of Misiones. They have a unique feel with the dense green vegetation, red soil and wide rivers.

This is the view from the Church building in the city of Posadas. The bridge spans the Rio Parana and leads to Encarnacion, Paraguay.

This is my favorite street sign ever...good luck trying to navigate that round about! Especially with the sign next to it that says you are going the wrong way on a one way street...

This is the chapel area...each of our conferences begin in the Chapel with some talks and musical numbers. I have a PowerPoint presentation that I discuss (thank you iPad, you have made my presentations more interesting). I made that missionary stand in the picture so his mother, Helen, could see that he is fine...not from too close up, though.

We had a large group of birthday celebrants in this conference and we sang ¡Que Los Cumpla Feliz! to them all.

Another good looking group of missionaries!

We are getting ready to say "Good-bye for now and enjoy your home made cookies!"

Here is the hotel we are staying at. Picture the confusion on the desk clerks' faces at La Mision Hotel and Spa, when a man walks in wearing a dark suit and a badge that says he is the Presidente de La Mision. I think it helped get us a good room with great service!

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  1. After all this talk of cookies I may just have to bake a batch! Lucky missionaries!