Friday, September 30, 2011

Diane's First Colectivo

Diane rode in a colectivo for the first time with the missionaries from Obera. A colectivo is basically a school bus on steroids. It has a clutch, but no one uses it when they change gears. Most of the seats are ripped out so they can squeeze in as many people as possible. If there ever were shock absorbers they have long since worn out. Air conditioning? Sorry, if you want cool air, stay home. But man, do they have radios! No matter where you are in a colectivo it sounds like you are sandwiched between two accordions! Heaven help you if you are in a colectivo during a soccer game...gooooooooooool, goooooooooool, gooooooooooolazo! And, there is the missionary-sitting-next-to-a-nursing-mother-awkward-situation every now and then. But for two pesos colectivos will get you practically anywhere you need to go and they are dependable.

Here is a peak from inside the colectivo...

Next up for Diane is a horse drawn cart!

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