Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Mission Presidency

A Mission President is responsible for and presides over all of the full time missionaries in his mission. We have 196 missionaries.

A Mission President also presides over the districts in his mission. A district is an organization made up of 4-8 small congregations that are establishing themselves and growing. We have 10 districts made up of 50 small congregations.

The missionaries and districts are spread out over the provinces of Chaco, Corrientes, Formosa, Misiones and Santa Fe.

A Mission President dedicates full-time to his responsibilities. He can request that 2 local members be called as counselors and 1 be called as an executive secretary to assist him...mostly with his work with the districts. These members volunteer part-time and have jobs, families, and live at home, etc. Because I have 10 districts spread out over 5 provinces, I have been authorized to have 4 counselors and an executive secretary. I speak with each one every week. We divide up assignments and get the work done.

Today, my counselors, executive secretary and their wives came to our house for a get to know you, work and eat session. We all met together and then Diane visited with the spouses while I met with the men.

Diane out did herself with beef and chicken tacos, Mexican rice, black beans,homemade salsa,Texas chocolate sheet cake and ice cream. One of the women brought some homemade empanadas.

It was a great and productive day. Here are some photos.

Talking before the meeting.

Snacking on some Doritos Diane commandeered from Walmart!

Empanadas and Doritos, how international!

Soft chicken and beef Arizona!

The distinguished group. The empty chair was for Hermana Isendorf who had a work commitment. These are some of the pioneers of northern Argentina, that's for sure. The time they have volunteered over the years helping others is incredible...without compensation or recognition. The man on the far left (Hermano Romero) and the man on the far right (Hermano Isendorf) knew and remember our son Chris.


  1. that's neat. i'm glad they are all serving and able to help you guys!!!

  2. Kyle wanted to see some pictures of Papa and Grandma so I showed him the group photo and I said, "Look there they are with people from Argentina." He said, "To help them to get Jesus?" haha!

  3. It is the other way around! Tell Kyle we are headed today to Posadas and Obera and will post some pictures from there.

  4. Love the food breakdown. Chris loves empanadas, I'm sure he will be drooling as he reads this!