Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Message To Garcia

The phrase, "take a message to Garcia" means take initiative, get the job done and work through any and all obstacles without complaint.

A few weeks ago I shared, "A Message to Garcia" with the missionaries working in the office. Here is a summary of the background:

With tensions between the United States and the Spanish (who then ruled Cuba) growing, President William McKinley wanted to contact Cuban rebels who could prove a valuable ally in case of war with Spain. McKinley requested that a soldier be assigned to make contact with Calixto García e Iñiguez, one of the leaders of the rebels. Andrew Rowan was assigned and without question or delay traveled to Cuba via Jamaica. Rowan met Garcia deep in the jungle of the Oriente Mountains, delivered the message to Garcia and returned to report that the Cuban rebels had agreed to cooperate with Americans in fighting the Spanish.

I have established El Premio Rowan (The Rowan Award) in the office. It is awarded weekly to the missionary who on his own takes initiative and completes a difficult task.

A few weeks ago my Blackberry started acting up. I contacted the Church IT people and was able to get approval to get an iPhone if I could find one. There was a catch. Argentina has an embargo on iPhones. You can't get one here. I asked my counselor in Posadas to find one for me in Paraguay. You can't get one there, either. They are only selling them in bulk to Argentine corporations at a significant premium. So, I just figured that I was out of luck.

Then, today, I was handed this brand new iPhone...

By this week's winner of El Premio Rowan...

Elder Landon Martinsen, Mission Secretary. I will explain how he was able to do this after the statute of limitations has expired.

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