Wednesday, September 21, 2011

La Leonesa

This morning I decided to visit the missionaries in La Leonesa, a little town north of Resistencia in the province of Chaco.

I drove down some dirt roads and muddy roads to get there.

I loved the drive! Here is the front door to the pension where the missionaries live.

Their kitchen.

Their living room and dining room.

Here is the Church building in La Leonesa.

What it lacks in architecture, landscaping and parking, it makes up for by having banana plants right outside the back door.

I am told that the smallest bananas from this particular plant are better than the rest.

The missionaries there are incredible and happy and hard working. I walked around with them for a while and met the local church leader who is 78, originally from Paraguay and speaks a combination of Castellano and Guarani. I understood him fine...I think!

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