Tuesday, September 27, 2011


We drove from Posadas to Obera today. Diane and I attended the missionaries' district meeting and then split up. Diane worked with the Hermanas and I worked with the Elders. Obera is very european. That's because Europeans fled here during World War II...Germans, Ukranians, Poles, etc. There are some large estates and small, small shacks in the green hills. The wealthy in Obera own Yerba (it is what they make mate from) and tea companies. Temperatures reach 120 plus degrees in summer! It is known for its rich soil and beautiful flowers. For example...

Wild orchids...

I have always believed that a young man with a lot of energy and little wisdom and an older man with little energy and a lot of wisdom could accomplish about the same. Tonight, I learned that I am trapped between not being young with energy or older with wisdom...but I sure can smile!

These guys walked me up and down hills for hours! We only stopped to visit with people. The people who lived in this house had a daughter seriously ill in the hospital.

When I saw this sign I had to wonder, "How anonymous can you be if you have a sign this big?"

Anyway, I enjoyed every dusty step, red dirt road and green hill we climbed and descended and especially every person we visited.

We head back to Resistencia in the morning, but we definitely will return to Obera, count on it...maybe even in the summer.


  1. I love seeing the rocky roads and the red dirt. I always heard that Obera was great but never made it there. It really is such a different place.