Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dishin' on Doug

We met a great couple in the new Mission President's Seminar, Doug and Debbie Carter. They are presiding over the Buenos Aires West Mission. About 10 years ago, they lived in Buenos Aires while Doug worked as the CFO for DirectTV in Latin America. This week we discovered just how he was able to always meet his sales projections...

And our favorite...

Bien hecho, Presidente Carter!


  1. No one should be denied the "necessities" of life...:-)...especially when a cable won't reach.

    Presidente Carter

  2. LOL, I'm the Carter's oldest daughter from North Carolina and I love your blog. Thanks for the laugh this rainy Labor Day morning.

  3. Reminds me of Mexico, but with prettier land surrounding it.

  4. Umm was the way he closed the deal by including the "Sunday Ticket Package"?

  5. Oh how I love Argentina! My RM BAS son just married his RM BAW novia and presidente asay (BAS) y Benton (BAW)) both attended! just'll have a few hundred of those marriages to attend someday! You still make me laugh presidente he-man! Haha! Predictable text for Heyman is he-man? Sounds about right! Que te vaya muy bien!