Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Someone Was Mad About Something!

Our bedroom is on the second floor right above the street. All during the night we hear the cars, motos and horse drawn carriages (yes, that's right) that pass by. Just like in any city, we have learned to sleep through these noises...but not what we heard last night!

At 2:30 am a large group of protestors passed by shouting slogans, singing and beating a big bass drum! They marched down to the plaza and held their protest rally until 5:30 am (we heard it all) and then broke up and went home...who holds a protest at 2:30 in the morning...Mothers Against Sleep Apnea (MASA) or some group like that?

We are briefed and instructed that for security reasons we are to avoid such gatherings and not take pictures of them, so you will have to take our word for it...but we are dragging a bit today.


  1. Do they really think you are going to go and take pictures at 2:30 in the morning??!!! That's crazy!! So, did you ever find out what they were protesting about?

  2. I bet it was a group of Argentines craving taco shells! I hope they don't find out Mom bought them all!

  3. Were you awaken to the smell of burning tires for the protest? Can't have a protest without burning tires in the middle of the road.