Saturday, September 10, 2011

We Are No Longer In Chandler

A few reminders that Diane and I are no longer living in Chandler...

1. The piece of lint on the carpet was really a piece of lint and not a scorpion.

2. 6:30 am finally feels like 6:30 am and not 2:30 am.

3. It definitely is NOT a dry heat.

4. There is no road construction...2 lane roads have been, are and will always be 2 lane roads.

5. Sewer water is re-used, but not re-treated.

6. Dog owners do not walk behind their animals with spatulas and plastic baggies...most dogs don't have owners.

7. No high school football teams, rivalries (can you really call it a rivalry when one of the schools has never won the game?) or winning streaks.

8. No such thing as a retirement such thing as retirement.

9. This is one place where Tex Earnhart does not have a car dealership!

10. And, we can barely survive this way for 3 years, but there is no "Guedo's Taco Shop"!


  1. I can eat at Guedo's in honor of you if you want me to. Good luck with the humidity.