Thursday, July 14, 2011

We Did It!

Today we drove to Roque Saenz Peña and back and finished interviewing all of the missionaries spread throughout the mission. I figured out that this took 2 weeks, more than 4,500 kilometers, 200 photographs of Diane, a missionary and me standing together and approximately 60 hours of interview time. However, we now know the missionaries, local leaders and mission boundaries as well as a few hotels, restaurants and gas stations. We feel like we heard every dog in Clorinda, felt every bump on the way to Formosa and passed every horse drawn cart in Santa Fe. We know who takes credit cards and who does not, where you can get wifi and where not and where you can get a bowl of soup and where not.

There was a defining moment...last Friday as we were driving home after being gone all week Diane and I said we could not wait to get back home to sleep in our own bed...then we realized that just one week before THAT bed had not even been our own bed! There was great psychology in taking these trips...Resistencia now seems like home.

Tomorrow I am going to ponder, reflect, organize and prioritize. Diane is going to get things straightened out at our home...and then we are going to go to Wal-Mart in Corrientes and splurge! A belated anniversary trip!

Two weeks in Resistencia today and the mission is still standing. We are loving it and are grateful to be here together. And even more grateful for Skype...

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  1. Love this blog. Keep up the good work and yay for pictures!