Monday, July 25, 2011

Pesos + Vehicle = Diane being Diane

So here is what Diane does after she declares on Thursday, "I need pesos" and then, as previously documented, determines to drive by herself on Friday...

Just a few of several dozen that have been lighting up the faces of the missionaries around the mission...

The last surviving loaf of banana bread that has the missionaries dropping by the house, just to check up on things..

Today's experiment in brownies...

And we are not quite sure yet, what Diane is up to now...although for full disclosure I should mention that absent from this roadshow of culinary delights are the apple pie she baked that we both devoured and a previous batch of brownies!!!

Here's a little insight into the size of the transformer that Diane has to use to convert the electric current to be able to use her Bosch mixer (a little dated by its plastic bowl).

On top of all the baking, Diane has accompanied me to meetings, visited a family with some Sister missionaries and taken care of a number of medical emergencies.


  1. Those elders scored big time to get a Mission President's wife that makes delicious treats! That converter is crazy.

  2. Just wait until the kitchenaid comes!

  3. Those missionaries are so lucky. Mom's food REALLY IS "made with love".

  4. Wait until they try the ice cream sandwiches - feel free to FedEx (send COD, it is worth the pesos) a few to Tucson!