Friday, July 8, 2011

Things We Learned Our First Week

It gets cold in Resistencia, Corrientes and Misiones.

The Wal-Mart in Corrientes really is the only place where you can buy peanut butter.

No matter how big the converter is that you bought, your hair dryer will still burn it up.

The woman in your Argentine GPS speaks Spanish and when she says "recalculando" she is re-routing you because you just missed your turn...and when she says it 4 times in a row you have just driven in a circle.

Yes, that is a crocodile on the "Beware of Animals Crossing" sign.

When Diane asked for a "piña", she was asking for a black eye and not a pineapple.

If you are in a restaurant and a soccer game is on TV, you are not getting the attention of a waiter or a cook, so eat the bread slowly.

The only rule for driving is that there are no rules for driving.

If you try hard enough you can find someone to hook up wifi in your home and at your office so your iPads will work.

And....there are a lot of great people in this world.



  1. Did you call an IT Elder yet? haha. This list made me laugh. Sounds like fun! :)