Monday, July 25, 2011

Bella Vista

One of my administrative duties is to negotiate and sign leases for apartments or homes for the missionaries and other buildings in the mission. Today I dealt with 3 in 3 different provinces. A situation arose where I had to go personally to Bella Vista in Corrientes to sign some documents and deliver some money...more on that later. I left around 4 pm, got there around 6 pm and returned at 9:30 pm...more on that later, too.

So, at Bella Vista I dropped in on the house the church is renting as a chapel until the new one is finished in 2 months. Here is a glimpse for those who wonder what it is like:

The outside. Notice the official plaque on the wall to the right of the window.

Walking in the front door, looking to the left at the podium.

Looking to the right at the rest of the chapel area.

The Branch President's office.

The kitchen.

The Relief Society Room.

The cultural hall.

The new building will be welcomed. We are sending another set of missionaries there to help things along.

Part 2: So, I was at the Notary Public's office in Bella Vista signing documents when the man suddenly looked at me and asked when I was returning to Resistencia. I told him as soon as we finished signing the documents. A complete stranger, he then asked me if I would drive his 14 year old son to Resistencia and drop him off at the tennis academy where he lives. It seems the son is pretty good and really lives at an academy in Resistencia and gets home when he can. Well, I had my 2 Assistants with me but before you know it we are putting Bautista's tennis gear and suitcase in the back of my vehicle, he is sticking the earbuds to his iPod in his ears and we are all headed back to Resistencia. Of course, we had to stop off at an ice cream shop first (Bautista is an ice cream fan, too) and then we dropped him off at his apartment where he lives with 7 other tennis players. We did get in a good discussion and Bautista did walk away with a Book of Mormon as his souvenir from his trip with the jefe of Los Misioneros in Resistencia!


  1. That is awesome! A tennis player! haha I love that they'd just send their kid home with a stranger. Love the, "missionary experience."

  2. I served with your son and served in that area. That town was the most beautiful city I served in. That house we met in was really nice compared to a few places. I remember the mulberry trees that lined and stained the streets.