Sunday, July 17, 2011

Here Are Some Random Fotos

Number 1: People email and ask for more photos...

Number 2: A few days ago we learned how to download them from our iPads to the blog...

Number 3: Today we figured out how to download them from our camera to our iPads...

So, here are a few random ones...

The humongous converter Diane killed with her hair dryer.

Some of the local leaders and their wives at our home for lunch our first Monday. I invited them on Saturday and they came...found out they all knew and remembered our son Chris.

Our friends the Griffins who came with the Udalls and Huffakers from Asuncion, Paraguay for last Sunday dinner. The Griffins and Diane's family lived in Tempe and have been friends for years.

Diane and I greeting missionaries in one of the chapels in the mission. One of us is a natural, the other one has a lot on his mind and needs to smile more!

The people we spoke to yesterday in Formosa.

Some young girls who adored Diane and wanted their picture with her and figured to do that they had to let me in, too.

A little girl who followed Diane around everywhere she went.

And a bonus...our favorite pastime...iPadding! I should point out that the ironing board was just purchased and is not permanently stored in the dining room, it goes in the washroom...and thank you Helen and Carol for the Arizona pillow, which unfortunately is upside down in this picture.


  1. Just got home from CA... love the posts! Mom you are beautiful and I can tell the people love you! Great posts Dad. You are a natural :).

  2. Just read these new posts with Chris and he had me clicking to blow up each picture multiple times!! I think he wishes he was on the mission with you two!! Diane, you look gorgeous in every picture and seem to be having no trouble making friends everywhere you go!! Ray great job taking pictures and updating! I just told Chris earlier this week I wanted to see more pictures and my wish was granted! I am so glad to hear everything is going so well. You've got a Walmart and McDonalds...what else could you possibly need? :)

  3. I'm glad you guys have started this mission blog. Matt and I are having fun reading about your adventures and seeing all the pictures! Thanks for sharing! Did Sister Heyman know any spanish before you guys got there? It sounds like you guys are doing great!