Sunday, July 10, 2011

Questions and Answers

Q: So, what do you do all day?
A: So far most of my time is spent traveling, interviewing missionaries, meeting local leaders and reading reports. But, soon I will start training Zone Leaders and preparing for 20 new missionaries who are arriving and 6 who are leaving.

Q: What does Diane do all day?
A: Diane travels with me and visits with missionaries while others are being interviewed by me. She fields calls every day from missionaries who are ill or have medical questions...mostly in Spanish. If she can't answer their questions she refers them to a Church retained doctor. She also takes care of meals when we are home and helps get us ready for our next trip. She will be helping me train soon.

Q: What do you eat?
A: We have had beef, chicken, pasta, potatoes, rice, eggs, milk, bread, juice, oatmeal, fruit and even Sugar Frosted Flakes. We eat at restaurants when we are traveling but are pretty casual when we are home. For example, last night we had grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for dinner.

Q: Have you met anyone you knew from when you served your mission?
A: No, but we have met people who knew our son Chris. One of my missionaries is the daughter of a woman who served with me in Cordoba. Today we had over for dinner David Udall, Ray Huffaker, Sherril Griffin and their wives, all who are from Mesa/Tempe and are working in the Paraguay Asuncion Temple. The Griffins are long time close friends of Diane's family. Small world.

Q: What is your first impression of the missionaries?
A: Extremely impressed. This is a diverse group of people from all over the world who are bright, hard working, dedicated, resilient and committed. They are dealing with a lot of different issues and making a difference in peoples' lives. They are building character and expanding their horizons. Some have come to serve at significant sacrifice and overcoming many hardships.

Q: What are you and Diane doing for your 32nd Wedding Anniversary?
A: I am taking Diane on a romantic trip to the town of Ibarreta in the province of Formosa to interview missionaries. And we will probably be doing that for our 33rd and 34th anniversaries, too!

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  1. sounds like you guys are doing great and enjoying your time there. I am sure you will be a great president. Keep up the great work. And sorry that we won't be able to come work with you since our kids are still little. Maybe I could just send Russ there for a few weeks. haha