Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One if by Land, Two if by Sea...But How Many if they Miss Their Flight?

Paul Revere was never a Mission President! Today 17 missionaries are scheduled to arrive. Tomorrow all of our boxes of things from home (60) arrive and a few pieces of furniture. Thursday 6 missionaries leave after completing their service. All of this requires missionaries to be on the move, replacements assigned and transferred and new assignments made. Human dominoes!

This morning at 1 am I got a call from one of the missionaries who was at the Miami Airport...seems the missionaries missed their flight and won't be leaving until tonight, arriving in Buenos Aires at 6:10 am on Wednesday. If they can't get a connecting flight to Resistencia (they only have a few a week...and that is when they don't have volcanoes erupting in Chile) then they will have to make a 10 hour bus ride to arrive here! Their adventure has begun!

I can't wait to wake up Friday morning and see how this all played out.

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