Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 1, 2012

Diane and I toasted 2012 with a glass of Baggio Multifrutal Jugo.

Then we listened to this from midnight to 5:00 am...a few seemed to go off and land in our courtyard...

And an ocassional conversation on the sidewalk below our bedroom window by the likes of these...

All of which made for a very long evening and morning! We are trying to get used to living in the city on a busy road. All night we hear people, motos, bicycles, cars and horse drawn carriages! We are getting somewhat used to it and don't even incorporate the sounds into our dreams anymore! We are looking forward to a great, healthy, happy and successful 2012 and hope the same for our friends and families! There is little wonder why this is called, "La Gran Mision Argentina Resistencia" and "La Mejor Mision del Mundo!". Can't wait to see what these missionaries can accomplish... By the way, the Baggio Durazno Jugo is out of this world. You can pick it up, along with the Multifrutal and Manzana, at your local Carrefour grocery store!

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