Thursday, January 19, 2012

Clorinda Revisited

Diane and I were in Formosa yesterday for 30 missionary interviews and a meeting with one of my counselors. Today we drove 150 kilometros from Formosa to Clorinda for more interviews. Remember Clorinda?

Well, we left our mark there. Here is what remains...

After interviews with missionaries and the District President in Clorinda, we drove 270 kilometros to Ibarreta. Here is what the drive looks like in 102 degree, 100 percent humidity weather...

Note the long straight road on the GPS with nothing around around it? And the road off to the left is route 20..."tierra" means "dirt". The raindrops on the windshield are the evidence of 100 percent humidity...and this is the evidence that there are yacare, or crocodiles, in the area!

Tonight interviews with members and the District President in Ibarreta. Tomorrow interviews with the missionaries in Ibarreta and then the 330 kilometro drive back to Resistencia. We are doing this!

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