Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Argentine Favorites

Favorite meal: Ravioles con ricotta y salsa filetto; ensalada mixta; palitos de pan con crema y helado...y agua sin gas! Favorite food: medialunas con dulce de leche. Favorite words: Necochea, Cochabama, semaforo. Favorite vehicles: Hi Lux 4x4 Diesel; Volkswagen Amarok Favorite saying: El que madruga, Dios le ayuda. Favorite superstiton: If you drink milk and eat watermelon you will die. Favorite street to drive: Avenida Sarmiento (Resistencia) on a Sunday evening. Everyone parks their cars and sits in chairs and talks, listens to music and drinks Mate. Favorite place to walk around in the mission: The Costanera in Posadas. They just opened a new stretch of a couple more kilometers. Greatest technological invention in the history of mankind: The GPS. A close second place: The iPad 2. Two people I will look for to say "thank you" to when (if) I get to heaven: (1) The woman whose voice is used by my GPS; and (2) the man who invented air conditioning. Two people I will avoid when (if) I get to heaven: (1) the young man I "nudged" on his motorcycle at an intersection in Resistencia; and (2) the cashier at Carrefour who waited until I unloaded my whole grocery cart on her conveyer belt to tell me that I was in the 10 items or less register and then made me put everything back in my cart and go to the end of the line at another register. (Taylor was there and is my witness) Favorite movie dubbed in Spanish: The Count of Monte Cristo. Coolest bird on the planet in real life: Tucan. Very colorful and defies physics by flying with that humongous beak. Great custom: Air kissing on each cheek to greet someone...so let's do lunch-ish! Hardest thing to do: Convert farenheit to celsius in your head. Second hardest thing to do: Wait for the light to turn green when everyone else is running the red light. And last but not least...custom that I can not get used to: Eating dinner at 10:00 pm. Second custom I can not get used to: Siesta!


  1. You should post some pictures of the stretch you like to drive and walk.

    Wait- you grocery shop?

  2. Jen-
    Dad was Christmas shopping at the grocery store with Taylor. He has been known to accompany me grocery shopping here. Shocking.....I know! :-)