Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Hate The Rubik's Cube...But I Love Working Out Transfers!

That's because you go through a different process to try and assign the right missionaries with the right companions in the right area for the right time. It is a very personal process where you seek to do what is best for the missionaries and the area where they will be serving. Very quickly you realize that unlike the Rubik's Cube, you can't solve transfers by yourself with a quick few twists of the wrists. The process of seeking that help is what is so rewarding. And, it never fails, the answers come. Here is what the transfer board looks like this morning...

A few tips...we have 19 missionaries arriving this week and 10 going home. The blank spots are where the new ones will be assigned after they arrive and I interview them. The missionaries on their sides are the ones who will train the new missionaries. The missionaries who are upside down are being transferred from on area to another. The two cards with no pictures are for "mini missionaries"...local members who will fill in as missionaries for 1-3 months at a time. The one missionary by himself is being trained to work in the office and will replace one of the missionaries here, so he will be assigned as a "triple" for a little while. We have to put some companionships in new areas as we have more missionaries. That means finding places to live, areas where they will be productive, etc. Mission Presidents all over the world go through this process every 6 weeks. It is one of my favorite parts of the Mission. There are some great stories of missionaries being transferred to an area and wondering why only to encounter a person or experience that is unique and significant in their lives. So, tomorrow, the transfer takes place!


  1. i still can't believe you're doing this. Wow. hearing about "transfers" makes it even more real.