Monday, November 14, 2011

You Are Going To Have To Use Your Imagination!

When I updated my iPad to the new operatimg system, BlogPress crashed. They say they have submitted a fix to the App Store, but it is not available. So, I am using the old fashion way to compose this entry without pictures.

Diane and I went to Reconquista in the province of Santa Fe for district conference this weekend. On the way there and back we drove through miles and miles of yellow sunflower fields. It was an incredible sight of green, brown and golden yellow. Here is where the picture I took of Diane standing in one of the fields would have been...

The sunflowers were as tall as she is!

Today we had Zone Leaders Council and it rained. Some of the missionaries came without raincoats and were soaked. Here is where the photo of Elderes Fernandez and Lucana looking like drowned rats would have been...

And of course no Zone Leaders Council would be complete without an extraordinary meal by Diane (only 40 people to feed). Here is where the picture of the shredded beef sandwhiches, fruit salad, chips and banana splits would have appeared!

Really, it was all much better than it looks. The photos just don't do justice to what we have experienced this past week!

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