Friday, November 18, 2011

Is This One of Those Times I Should Not Listen To You?

Diane has been asking that question a lot lately. The answer is almost always, "Yes". There is a long history behind that question over the years. "Should we bring raincoats?" "No". And it rains. "Are people bringing presents to the party?" "No." Everyone has a present but us. "Are you sure you know how to get there or should I ask for directions?". "I know". I have no clue. "Did you touch the stack of bills I put on the table to pay today?" "No". Oops I threw them away with the goes on and on and on.

So this month for Zone Leaders Council, Diane was going to show the missionaries how make orgami white shirt and tie thank you cards.(I wish BlogPress was working so I could show you them). I was against it. "It is too hard. These young men will never take the time to do this on their own. They have no patience, etc, etc.". Diane showed them anyway and had them each make one following her instructions. After the meeting they all thanked Diane and told me that was the best part of the Council(so much for my brilliant training...I guess I am no threat to Socrates)because now they could leave unique thank you, congratulations and other notes. I even went to a District Meeting the next day and the Zone Leaders had spent the night making a white shirt and tie card for each of the companionships.

I have seen it many times, but yesterday I recognized it for what it was. We were talking about something yesterday and Diane paused and smiled and changed subjects. It dawned on me that smile was a non verbal means of communicating both the question, "Is this one of those times I should not listen to you?", and the answer, "Yes".

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