Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanks, Mom!

Today is November 26th. It is my birthday. I have always thought that the recognition given to the major players in birth is disproportionate to the effort required of them. I get all the recognition for being "delivered". My Mother gets virtually none for her hours of "labor". So each year I thank my Mom for giving birth to me. This year I am a little far from home, so I'll post it on my blog, "Thanks, Mom for giving birth to me".

Here are a few things a son remembers about being with his Mom over the years:

Laughing so obnoxiously at Johnny Carson's corny and predictable monologue jokes that Dad would try to preempt us by giving the punchline first and then when we would still laugh when Carson repeated it, Dad would get up and leave the room. At that point we could not stop laughing. And it happened at least once a week!

Eating the box of peanut clusters before we made it to the check-out stand at Shop-Rite and proudly putting the empty box on the conveyor belt. That happened alot, too.

Getting stuck on the railroad tracks and having to drive (bust) through the wooden cross-arm to escape. When you are only 5 years old it does not take very long for your life to flash before your eyes, but it does leave a lasting impression!

Wondering where you learned the phrase, "Listen kid, don't you get snippy-snotty with me!"

Sunday dinners of london broil, salad, egg noodles, rolls and angel food cake.

Roger and I trying to figure out which was of us is, "Rayger" and which one is "Rogmond".

Dad's face when he could not pull his car into the 2-car garage because you tried to exit it by making a U-turn (rather than backing out) and gave up at the point where the car was sideways and blocking both entrances.

Watching you do puzzles...jigsaw, cross-word, Jumble, whatever...for hours and hours.

Saturday morning doughnut deliveries.

"Mom, you are his 85 year old grandmother, you can not yell, "Kill'em Taylor!" at his lacrosse games anymore!"

And, yes, you are, "The One and Only!"

Happy Birthday to us!


  1. This was so fun to read. I was laughing aloud. Grandma is the best... and so are you. Happy Birthday Dad! We love you and are so grateful that you are ours (and that Grandma delivered you).

  2. You forgot to mention that you are the fav son!! On Thanksgiving my dad was telling us about when you would want to fight with my dad but he didn't want to bc he knew he would get in trouble even if it wasnt his fault. So you would pinch your cheeks, pound on the floor and start screaming "help" until Grandma would come down and yell at my dad!! So finally the third time my dad decided to fight you since he would get in trouble no matter what and Grandma walked by as my dad was fighting you and she would say "See Roger, you are beating him up"!!!!! Grandma was laughing as my dad was telling the story!!! We were also saying how you and Shauna are the same!!! Happy Birthday!!!! I'll party with Grandma today in your honor, and maybe I'll fight my dad for you too!!!!

  3. great great post. We all love Grandma and you. You need a pictre of her on here.

  4. Loved this post dad. Happy birthday to you and birth giving day to grandma. Reading stories of you and roger made me remember playing 7-11 in telluride and how intense you too got!!! Crazies

  5. I was dying laughing at this post. How have I not heard the u-turn story?! Oh, one and only. Too funny. Glad you had a good day yesterday and glad you were born! Fun to Skype with you last night. We love you!!!