Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Slumber Party for 18!

Eighteen new missionaries arrived last night. Previously, new missionaries (Elderes) spent their first night in the Assistants' apartment...picture 3 sets of triple bunk beds, a light bulb hanging from a wire and one bathroom and you get the image of a chain gang work camp (the Hermanas always stayed in the guest bedrooms in our house).

I had the idea of having the Elders sleep in our Quincho, which is the large meeting hall building behind our house. We buy each new missionary their own pillow and blanket anyway, so we just purchased some foam camping cushions (liberally interpreted) to put on the floor and let them sleep away. After 30 straight hours of buses and planes to get here, they could sleep on a bed of nails.

They all came to the Quincho from the airport. We fed them, chit-chatted with them, had a short devotional/bedtime story (I talked about Jonah and Nineveh) and then took the Hermanas to the house and let the Elders stay in the Quincho. At 10:30 pm sharp the lights went out in the Quincho.

Here is a peak at 6:30 am...

The passage way through the courtyard from our house to the Quincho...

Elders in various stages of getting up. A few were saying morning prayers.

One of the Elders said it was like sleeping on clouds...I think I'll need to keep an eye on him...

Two bathrooms in the Quinco! A total of 4 sinks and 2 showers...

There is no better substitute for the security of the womb than having your very own blanket...

While the Hermanas slept and got ready for the day in the (relative) luxury of the guest wing of our home!

Postscript: My children will tell you we were strict parents who did not allow sleepovers while they were growing up...I have two responses....(1) this is different; and (2) my children seem to have successfully worked their way through any psychological damage caused by their sleep-over deprivation!


  1. It looks like they are sleeping on blue paper!

  2. Hola Pte. Heyman, que gusto poder ver noticias de mi hijo que es el Elder Acuña! Uno de los nuevitos que llego anoche. Le deseo todo lo mejor en este tiempo de servicio. Abrazos afectuosos desde Paraguay. Familia Acuña