Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Where Was That In The Job Description?

12:15 am, I went to bed. 3:45 am the phone rings, it is the security company. The alarm in the mission offices went off. I am invited to meet the security man at the office to let him in so he can see what has occurred.

My thoughts:

I really just want to sleep.

If I get up, do I have to put on a white shirt, tie and suit with my missionary badge to meet the guy or can I just throw on some sweats? Answer, I didn't bring sweats with me.

Why do I have to meet this guy anyway? Why doesn't he have a key (he is our security guy) or get in the building the same way the intruder did? It is starting to feel like we are paying the security company just to let us know when the alarm goes off, not to keep the place secure.

And, what am I supposed to do after I let the security guy Robin to his Batman?

My actions:

I get up, get dressed in a white shirt, tie and suit with the missionary badge (I need to make sure the security guy knows that the only person in the city at 4 am in a suit, white shirt and tie is really me) and meet the security guy at the offices. I am surprised at the number of sidewalk cafes that are busy at 4 am in Resistencia.

I open the door for him and play Robin following right behind Batman as we walk in a circle (think Marx Brothers) and look at each other trying to figure out why the alarm went off because everything is in place and every window and door is locked.

Exchange the "chau", "hasta luego" y "disculpe la molestia---no es una molestia, gracias a Ud, no, por favor, gracias a Ud" pleasantries with Batman and get back into the HiLux to go home.

Avoid every temptation to stop off at one of the cafes and sit down at a table to order a hot chocolate and media luna with dulce de leche and say, "Que pasa, amigos?" and go straight back home.

Undress and realize that it is now 4:45 am and I am wide awake! Guess I'll just have to get ready and dressed and head off to the office...I wonder...did I set the alarm when I left the office? Maybe I'll call the security guy and ask him!


  1. It's just one adventure after another there in Argentina!

  2. Eeeeek! I would cry. I need my sleep.