Friday, November 18, 2011

Tender Mercy

People have emailed asking me to share more of the serious or personal aspects of the mission. I have shied away from that because I tend to think that personal experiences should be shared personally.

However, I promised Diane I would share this one.

While in Buenos Aires we were treated to a cultural show of Argentine music and dance. One of the performers is a concert violinist who played two numbers, the last of which received a standing ovation.

After the show we all attended an asado of beef, chicken, fruit, vegetables, etc. that was exceptional. At one point, I saw the violinist move from table to table and ask if people knew where President Heyman was. When he came to me he said, "President Heyman, I am Leandro Curaba, President Omar Righi's grandson. I knew of you and heard you would be here and send my grandfather's regards."

President Righi was my Mission President 34 years ago! He lives in Rosario and is 87 years old. I mentioned that about a year ago, I had received an email from President Righi which said that when his wife died, they found a copy of a talk I had given on my mission together with her Patriarchal Blessing, and that I was very moved by that.

Leandro looked at me funny and asked what the name of the talk was. I said, "Pagando el Precio". He asked if it talked about winning the lottery and I said it did. He then said that when he left to serve his mission, his grandmother had given him a copy of the talk and told him to read it, as it would help him be a good missionary. We were both amazed and grateful these years later to make the connection. Here I am with Leandro at the asado:

And, here are pictures of the pages of the talk that I wrote on my mission, from the email that President Righi sent me.

Speaking of paying the price, how could I ever put a value on an experience like that? Truly one of life's tender mercies.

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