Monday, May 7, 2012

Consejo with the Hatches

Before we left for our mission, our friends Greg and Florence Hatch promised to come see us. Friday they made good on their promise. They wanted to observe our activities, so we have included them. First, Saturday and Sunday to Stake Conference in Formosa. Then, today the Consejo de Lideres de Zona y Distrito back in Resistencia. A meeting of 44 young men from all over the mission. Diane and Florence started early in the kitchen...

While Greg and I took care of the Elders in their training sessions...

Elder Ramsay stayed in the office playing Mission President for a day attending to my phone calls...

The real fun started when we practiced role playing and Greg took on the part of the local people (he served a mission in Colombia and speaks spanish)...

We had a few laughs a long the way...

But the best parts were when Florence (I translated for her), Greg and Diane each shared their feelings with the missionaries at the end of the day. We then hosted a dinner for about 60 people at our is what the main dish of meat loaf, salad, baked potato and roll looked like...

Elder Bohman was trying to decide if he should have seconds or hold out for dessert...dessert won!

Can you blame him when it looked like this...

Homemade apple pie and vanilla ice cream!

Happy missionaries!

Great helpers!

Wonderful friends! And tomorrow we are off to Posadas!


  1. I LOVE this. If I didn't know any better I would guess President Hatch was standing on four stairs!

    The apple pie looks delicious. How great to have such wonderful friends!

  2. Thanks for the picture of Elder Ramsay...he looks just a little bored while waiting for the phone to ring :)

  3. I'm so happy (and jealous) the Hatch's get to be there with you! Great pics

  4. I'm happy for you guys. I'm sure the Hatch's brought a lot of encouragement and cheer. We're anxious for Greg's email on planning a trip down there.