Friday, May 11, 2012

It Is A Generational Thing

While Greg and Florence Hatch were with Diane and me looking at this in South America...

(No, Jen, those are not stock photos, I took them with the "good camera")

Their grandson, Benson Konkle and our grandson, Kyle Ray were checking out the sights together in South Chandler...

There is some scheming going on in those minds...their looks give them away! I am referring to Benson and Kyle...not the adults...this time, at least!


  1. I'm afraid the dirt lot wasn't nearly as entertaining as the falls!! 3rd generation of friends--pretty cool!

  2. Benson LOVED playing with Kyle and Nolan! I am so glad Jennifer was willing to watch him. We need to take him back over to get a real ride on that go-cart!