Wednesday, May 16, 2012


We had new missionaries arrive this week! Here are some of the highlights...

The group with Elders Gochnour and Gochez hamming it up in there.

They are all smiles after traveling for who knows how many hours and getting some much needed sleep...and then a hearty breakfast in the morning! After that it is time to get oriented to some of the aspects of missionary life in Argentina...

Me, explaining a few basics of missionary life.

Elder Chatwin explaining finances in Spanish and English.

Elder Scott assuring them that he will renew their visas in time and they can trust him with their passports.

Elders Chatwin and Scott remembering when they first arrived in the mission!

The two young ladies in the middle will be training the two young ladies on the ends.

The McCoys who we are grateful to have in the mission and will be serving in Roque Saenz Peña!

We show the new missionaries a video to get a feel for the mission. I thought others might like to see it as well. (Special appreciation to Mark Mabry who gave us permission to use some of his photographs) You can go to this link to YouTube for the Argentina Resistencia Mission-May 2012 video show and enjoy:

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