Saturday, December 10, 2011

Random Photos

Here are a few "never before released to the public" photos that are worth sharing.

Diane, Leandro Curaba, Elder D. Todd Christofferson and me.

I think these two photos of our grandson, Reed, fall into the category of a "Spaghetti Western". Apologies to Clint Eastwood.

My mother kayaking off of Balboa Island this past Thanksgiving.

Diane and me, neckerchief fashionistas.

I think Diane liked the buffet breakfast as much as the waterfalls in Iguazu.

Diane playing Mark Mabry for the Carters.

A nice picture of Diane, me and 6 glasses of water! We are big fans of keeping hydrated during the summer months.

When we visited this family in Ibarreta, they showed us these pictures that our son, Chris had mounted and given them 10 years ago.

This one of the Buenos Aires Temple was hanging on their wall.

This one pretty much speaks for itself...

But this one needs an explanation. The sign, translated, says, "Dumping Garbage is Prohibited". It was the only place for kilometers and kilometers where any garbage was actually dumped. I think that donkey must have posted it there knowing that people don't take kindly to the government telling it where it can and can not dump its garbage!

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