Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Ox is in the Mire

There are somethings you only do on Sunday when the "Ox is in the mire".

This Sunday we were in Clorinda, Formosa for District Conference. Here is where I parked our Hi Lux...

Diane didn't like it. She thought it "blocked" the gate even though I said no one used the gate. So, while I was in a meeting, Diane moved the Hi Lux to this spot...

That's right, she sunk the Hi Lux!

In between meetings, all Diane said to me was, "Boy, are you going to be mad at me!"

If you know anything about Heyman body language, you know how I felt...

After the District Conference, the fun really started...

Here's how the Ox looked after it had been pulled from the mire..

Twenty years from now they will still be talking about this District Conference in Clorinda...but I don't think it will be about the messages we shared!


  1. I am laughing so hard, it is ridiculous. I love her!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I just keep saying, "Oh my gosh!" hahahahaha. I thought the bad driving/parking was in the Heyman genes!

  3. mom this reminds me of the time when we delivered fast offerings way out in the country and almost got the Dodge Caravan stuck in mud. Good times.

  4. I just love how the ox in the mire analogy works so perfectly!