Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Hate Shopping!

But this was not shopping...this was pure sport.

Diane decided that each missionary was going to have some REAL candy in his or her Christmas package from us. So, it was off to Walmart. I worked in the office while she cleaned out the Walmart in Resistencia. After I finished in the office I took her to the Walmart in Corrientes. I have never seen anything like this in my life.

It started out innocently enough with a few dozen bags of Skittles and Twix bars.

Then, the fun began. Diane saw some Snickers.

But we have 200 hundred missionaries and how are you going to give some missionaries Snickers and not give them all Snickers? Diane just knew there had to be more...

So she dug...and that's when the competition began. She just knew they were hiding Snickers all around the store...behind the wine cooler (she found them)...

By each cash register...she found them...

Down different aisles...she found them. And the stash started adding up!

And up!

Until she was satisfied she had enough!

The dejected woman behind her in the line is trying to figure out how she is going to tell her children there will be no Snickers in the stockings this Christmas!

And the final score was...

That's a lot of money in any currency! And a lot of plastic bags...

I hope the people at Cadbury are learning a little lesson about not trying to trick this Mission President's wife by hiding their candy eggs this coming Easter season!


  1. haha i love that she even found some behind a wine cooler. the missionaries are going to love those stockings!

  2. Dad, she is not the first Heyman to spoil missionaries in Argentina with Christmas chocolate. One of my favorite memories of our trip to Argentina 12 years ago was watching those missionaries in the Chocolate Shop go crazy. You let them buy whatever they want. I hope to follow your example.

  3. Curbo, thanks for reminding me of that. The good old missionaries in Bariloche! Remember I took pictures of them and emailed their parents to let them know how they were doing? Little did I know then how many more times I would be doing that! And don't forget to buy missionaries ice cream in airports when you see them, too!