Friday, December 2, 2011

60% of Your Body is Made of Water

Unfortunately, it is all on the inside.

Forecast for the day: 85 degrees, 73% humidity, 0% chance of water in the house.

I told Diane not to worry, once on Survivorman, when he was out of water, I saw Les Stroud drink...oh, never mind.


  1. I'm picturing you guys as the couple on Man, Woman, Wild now. I think that's what the show's called. The thought made me laugh.

    Anyways, hang in there! They have to turn the water back on again soon, right?... Right?

  2. I think I saw that episode with you. Ugh!

  3. SurvivorMan! Our show!

    You better find some water soon cuz i dont think you can baptize people in milk.