Monday, October 17, 2011

Mother's Day in Apostoles and Posadas

Yesterday, October 16th, was Mother's Day in Argentina. I wished Diane a Happy Mother's Day while we were having breakfast in this Hotel in Apostoles, Argentina.

1. We drove Thursday from Resistencia through Posadas and down to Apostoles (4.5 hours). I interviewed the missionaries in Apostoles and we drove back to Posadas (1 hour) to stay the night.

2. I interviewed 28 missionaries in Posadas Friday and we even made a little time to have pizza with some of the Hermanas down at the Costanera. I have shown this area is where the bridge goes to Encarnacion, Paraguay. The Hermana with her back to us shall not go unnamed...Hermana Callie Payne.

3. Saturday, we picked up Elder Esteban Resek at the airport and went back to Apostoles where we had District Conference meetings until 9 pm. We stayed the night at the Hotel.

4. Sunday, after wishing Diane Happy Mother's Day, we had more Distirct Conference Meetings until 1:30 pm at which time we drove through town...

And headed through the yerba fields back up to Posadas...

Where we met with my Executive Secretary and then drove Elder Resek to the airport where we learned that his flight to Buenos Aires had been cancelled (more volcanic ash from Chile). We then took him to the bus station where he bought a ticket on a bus that will take all night to arrive in Buenos Aires where he will (hopefully) get a connecting flight to his hometown of Mendoza. Diane and I stayed the night in Posadas.

5. Today, Diane and I drive back to Resistencia (4 hours), I will finalize the transfers that will take place on Wednesday, prepare for the 13 new missionaries that come Tuesday night and the 15 that leave on Thursday. Then I have 3 skype conferences late afternoon through the evening.

6. Tuesday I head to Reconquista in the Province of Santa Fe (2 hours) to interview the missionaries there and come back to Resistencia to meet the new arrivals around 6:30 pm. I will interview each one briefly before they (and I) go to bed.

7. Wednesday, we prepare the trainer missionaries, give an orientation to the new missionaries, pair them up and send them off. Not only do we house and feed them, but Diane sends each of them off with a freshly backed package of cookies.

8. Thursday I will interview the 15 missionaries that leave, have one of Diane's farewell dinners with them and then Diane and I will see them off at the bus terminal at 8:30 pm.

9. Friday, Diane and I head back up to Obera (5.5 hours) for...well, for now, let's just say we get back into Resistencia on Tuesday, October 25th.

As anyone who knows us knows...the busier we are the happier we are. The mission is giving us plenty of reasons to be happy!


  1. I wish you could take your phone with you! That is a busy, busy week! We're proud of you guys and all of your hard work.

  2. I know exactly what to get you guys for Christmas - a gasoline card and audio books!

  3. Happy Argentine Mothers Day Diane!! So did the Argentine missionaries get to call home or do they call on the same day as the US missionaries? I didn't realize it wasn't a universal holiday!

  4. Phil...the Hi-Lux takes diesel, and the exchange rate is about 4 pesos to the dollar, so keep that in mind and be generous (remember it is a test year expense)! Jenny, yes the Argentine missionaries got to call home! And, this is Ray on Diane's computer.