Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Word for Today is "Ceniza"

At 1am this morning I received a call from Salt Lake City saying the new missionaries will not be arriving today because they are stuck in Dallas as flights were cancelled due to "ceniza" in Chile. Here is a mental picture for you when you hear the word ceniza...

This is what the dictionary has to say about ceniza...


⇨ ash (pl ashes)
reducir a cenizas
⇨ to reduce to ashes
El árbol quedó reducido a cenizas tras el incendio
The tree was reduced to ashes after the fire

(Definition of ceniza from the Diccionario Cambridge Compact Español-Inglés © Cambridge University Press and Ediciones SM 2011)

To me "ceniza" is defined as follows...



Change of plans (The missionaries are not coming as scheduled.)

Reducir a cenizas
Everything is on hold (Your plan for the missionary transfers has been reduced to ashes after the phone call.)

Funny how a word you did not even know 4 months ago can dictate your life! But not a problem really, I have plenty of time and lots of patience!

Diane put it best...here is what transfers are like...one change made to this...

Starts this...

But not until the new missionaries arrive...or the ones who have completed their missions leave (13 leave on Thursday!)

So what happens if the new ones don't arrive by Thursday when the 13 leave? We'll implement Plans B, C or D. I guess I better start working on them!

Is this fun or what?

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