Friday, September 27, 2013

Anniversary Pictures

From September 27, 2013...we decided to celebrate by buying Diane some new glasses as she no longer needs to gauge her posture by the horizontal line in her bifocals...

She did not choose these...this was part of her eye exam, but I could not resist taking a photo of her like this!

She picked these. (No, she does not have a shiner under her left eye, it is the label of the lens maker!)

We posted a few pictures on Instagram for family and friends to see and remember...

And then the Office Elders came over with a surprise...they sang Happy Anniversary to Diane while wearing shirts with her picture at Iguazu Falls and the words, ¡We Can Do Hard Things! on the top and Hermana Heyman on the bottom. One sleeve has September 27, 2012 on it and the other has September 27, 2013 on it. On the back it says, La Gran Mision Argentina Resistencia. They presented her with one and a card which they each signed with a little message.

The President...of her fan club!

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  1. Mom is so beautiful - even with google-eye glasses on! That picture made me laugh.

    And I like your new President title - President of the Hermana Heyman fan club!