Friday, September 27, 2013

A Year To Remember

One year ago today Diane suffered a stroke in the jungle outside Puerto Iguazu, Misiones, Argentina. Today, if you did not know, you would not know. She still has some side effects, but nothing that you could tell unless she told you. And, she does not tell. The story of what happened, how she was impacted and how she has recovered is hers. I will let her describe it in her own way and at the time of her choosing.

But, like Dr. Watson trying to convey with marvel and awe what he experienced at the side of Sherlock Holmes, let me share a few observations of my own.

Diane is a woman of extraordinary faith. Faith in God, faith in goodness, faith in the principle that obedience and hard work produce positive results and faith that there is meaning and purpose in life's experiences.

Diane is an optimist grounded in reality. Diane sees the good that exists and can result from circumstances and people. She can envision success down the road. And yet at the same time she accurately assesses challenges and obstacles that are looming. Because she has a clear and positive view of the future she knows how to prepare to move forward. And, with that vision she overcomes trials with a positive attitude that is the product of her faith.

Diane loves. God, family, people, flowers, food, learning and serving. Bringing joy to others through cooking is one of her most enjoyable activities...or perhaps better described as her obsession.

Diane has been blessed with an abundance of talents. Outer and inner beauty, intelligence, laughter, wisdom, perseverance, piano playing, singing (one of the prettiest singing voices I have heard), poise, discernment and sacrifice.

Diane is humble. Perhaps the most remarkable observation I have made over the years is how Diane perceives herself. She is smart and confident and sometimes persistent (stubborn, really) but she does not believe that she is any more or any less a child of God than anyone else she meets, in any walk of life. Although she is a modern day miracle she does not see herself in any different light than she did before her stroke and recovery.

Diane is my wife. In every sense of the word, I consider myself to be the most fortunate man in the world. I am very grateful that we have had this past year together.


  1. Beautiful Dad. And, AMEN! You two are a deadly duo. In every positive sense of the word.

  2. Beautiful! I echo Jen's comment. You two make a fabulous team!

  3. Absolutely beautiful and exact. Diane is a perfect example of a Lady from God. I have always admired and love her dearly. You two are one of the most inspiring couples for Antonio and I. You truly are a family of faith and grace to all that enter your lives. You both have left a life time impression in our hearts. Wish there more couples like in the big world. Please stay safe and Always Blessed. Miss you two. Love Lucy & Antonio