Sunday, October 6, 2013

Been a Little Sick and Traveling A Lot

These past two weeks I have been a little sick, but have been on the road. So, it is one of those situations where I just can not seem to get over this but at the same time I do not feel like I should be staying home or in bed. The bottom line is I do not want to talk or write much. So, here are some photos with brief comments in no particular order.

I sat across the desk from this good man looking and looking and he finally said, "Yo se, Ud piensa que soy parecido a Al Pacino". "I know, you think I look like Al Pacino." Yes, that is exactly what I was thinking!

Two of my Assistants taught and baptized Hermana Gomez over a year ago and two of my Assistants accompanied me as we set her apart to be a full-time missionary in Chile.

Last year we listened to General Conference from a hospital room in Buenos Aires. This year we watched it from our living room in Resistencia.

Andrew Lark is a good family friend and former roommate of our son Chris. In the "It is a small world category", no one knew when this picture was taken of Andrew and our son Taylor way back when that they would serve in the same mission years apart..."La Mision Chile Concepcion"!

Photos like these of our returned missionaries getting together and enjoying themselves just make our day!

These three vertical grandchildren were born while we were on our mission!

These days I am looking for any good reason to grill meat. I am told that I am not bad for a gringo.

Mom..."The One and Only"!

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  1. Me encanta su blog presidente Heyman. Me da otra perspectiva de la misión de mi hija. Gracia por ser su presidente:)