Monday, September 16, 2013

The Hermanas' Conference

When we arrived in Argentina in July 2011, we had 25 Hermanas in 4 1/2 provinces of Argentina. Today, after the mission division, we have 46 Hermanas and 19 on their way here next week...and 39 still yet to come!!! So, we thought it was time to get them all together. We did a lot of planning and preparing. President and Sister Fernandez from the Resistencia Stake helped us out. Sister Fernandez was an "Hermana" a few years back in Buenos Aires.

You can tell there was a woman's touch to this conference...table cloths and flowers (arranged by Sister Fernandez).

When we entered I went around and shook hands while Diane gave all the Hermanas a hug and kisses on the cheek. It is the custom.

Sister Fernandez and I getting our presentations ready...

President Fernandez thanked the Hermanas for choosing to be missionaries and serving in the Argentina Resistencia Mission.

I spoke about our purpose as missionaries and shared some stories from the scriptures and then emphasized the need to have el Espiritu Santo to guide and direct them.

Then it got hectic and I do not have pictures but we had an incredible salad that Diane and Graciela put together for each of the Hermanas...50 of them...made at our home and transported by the Office Elders to the Stake Center where we were meeting. There were awards given to Hermanas...replicas of the Argentine flag for things like being together the longest, having trained the most Hermanas and so on. Next was a mission video of just Hermanas in action. We were running back and forth so much we did not get pictures of all of that. After lunch Sister Fernandez gave a great presentation on proper relationships with members, investigators, companions and Elders. It was really good instruction. Diane then spoke about her gratitude for all of the Hermanas and the experiences of the mission. She then taught the Hermanas how to make Origami Flower Cards to express gratitude to others.

You get the idea. After that I took some questions and then we surprised the Hermanas with one of Diane's awesome desserts...

Cream puffs filled with Frutos del Bosque ice cream. (Thanks to Diane's sister Deb for the cream puff recipe). The dessert was a big hit with the Hermanas. Then we told the Hermanas that we would be going into the next hall to have a group picture taken. After getting all of the Hermanas in one place at one time...

I told them we had one more surprise for them...

I handed each one a rose...even one for Diane and Sister Fernandez. It was a fun moment to see each one light up when they received their rose.

And then it was time to take the pictures and say goodbye. It was a good first and historic Hermanas' Conference.


  1. I bet the sisters felt to special and loved the meeting! What a neat day.

  2. And now all of the hermanas know why I'm so lucky to be a nina! Love this. They all look so happy!

  3. So nice!! <3 i want this in my mission <3 lovely !!! :D

  4. That is so awesome-what a great job you all did!