Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Visit From The Holms

Last week Brad and Barbara Holm came to visit us. They are from Chandler and Brad and I served in the Stake Presidency together. They arrived in Resistencia at the airport just like our new missionaries do.

We whisked them home and then the action began. Sunday we went to Reconquista in Santa Fe and back. Then Monday we had training for 44 new missionaries.

Tuesday we had a dinner and entertainment with Graciela's family.

Wednesday we went to Paso de los Libres in Corrientes, stayed the night and came back Thursday.

Friday was Brad's birthday and we went to the grocery store, Carrefour, to see if he wanted to pick up a motorcycle to take home, because at 4:15 pm on Friday they left for the U.S.! It was a whirlwind of a trip but a great visit.

Thanks, Brad and Barb.........but let's not forget the story of when the gas station attendant put regular gas in my Hi Lux instead of diesel and they had to siphon it all out and refill the tank!!!


  1. President, thank you. A picture says a thousand words.

  2. Who got to eat Mom's chocolate wrapped cake?!? I'm dying.

  3. What a wonderful time! And I'm with Jen... I'm impressed with mom's chocolate wrap cake!