Saturday, August 10, 2013

La Primavera

La Primavera is an aborigine colony located about 40 minutes away from the town of Clorinda in the province of Formosa. Missionaries first arrived there in is a very primitive area and the people mostly farm corn, mandioca and soybeans.

Actually, most of the people do not work and are subsidized by the Argentine government. Over the years the activity of the Church has ebbed and flowed. Recently, this baptismal service took place there...

Today, I drove out to La Primavera to check on the people and our wooden church building. Here are some photos of the building...

Presidente Gonzales of Clorinda was my driver. The dog is a local.

There are "neighbors" right next to the fences surrounding the building and I discovered why. This is the brand new water tank the Church installed for the building...

This is where the "neighbor" cuts the fence to go and fetch his water every day, especially when no one is around and the building is not in use...the log hut is the permanent home to a family with a father and mother and little children.

It is hard to be upset when you see the need they have for the water. Here is a picture of the "neighbors" to the other side of the building...

But these are remarkably happy people. I was able to sit and visit with some of the local leaders and learn about their goals and their needs.

I promised them some supplies and other improvements to the building as well as some missionaries to periodically visit. I also promised them I would return with Diane in a few weeks. When we were all finished and as I was walking out to leave, the leaders casually mentioned a little issue they were having in the chapel office...

That would be the termites' nest on the light fixture and wall. And inasmuch as the chapel is a WOODEN building, I assured everyone I would have that removed and the building treated THIS WEEK! Needless to say I made a few phone calls on my way back to Resistencia...and Diane and I will be back, unless the termites take down the building before we can get there!


  1. This post made me laugh and cry. Well done. Such amazing people and work.

  2. Wow, what a reminder of the different circumstances of good people around the world.