Monday, August 26, 2013

Angie Lythgoe, This One Is For You

This is one of my favorite pictures. I took it of Diane while we were standing looking out at La Garganta del Diablo at Iguazu Falls.

It is the first time that we were back after Diane's stroke. She suffered the stroke in the jungle not too far from Iguazu Falls. We were just standing there in silence wrapped up in our thoughts. Remarkably, to get to this spot we had to walk from the parking lot through the park and take a train to the spot where the trail over the rivers begins. From there we walked about a kilometer to the observation area. Here is what the trail looks like.

It was the journey that Diane took to get to that spot that makes the moment and the picture so meaningful. For instance, at that time she could only walk holding on to me or the railings...against and with the flow of people coming from and going to La Garganta...over the cross current of several the heat. That was just part of the physical aspect of the moment. The contrast in the picture of the (1) stoic Diane and calm waters (2) with their inevitable turbulent drop over the falls (3) and then their return to the natural smooth flow of the river left a permanent impression. And, the longer Diane just looked out over the falls in silence the more I wondered what she was thinking, but out of love and respect never asked.


  1. Oh my.... You called me out?!?! I cant stop laughing:) Thank you, Ray. I love the way you write, and I especially love the way you write about Diane. And Diane... A very happy birthday to you! Your faith and cheerfulness is contagious and I thank you for that! I'm just so very glad to know the two of you.

    (Mental note to self, never ask the Heyman's to do something, even in jest... They'll do it)

    Much love to you both and many prayers for your missionaries.... Angie

  2. Love the symbolism with the calm water and the waterfall! Hope you had a great birthday Diane!