Saturday, February 2, 2013

There is a Gap in the Blog

Today is February 2, 2013. The last blog post was November 22, 2012. That is a pretty big gap. Which got me to think that there is something intriguing about a "Gap"... and that maybe I should perpetuate speculation by leaving the "Gap" unexplained...after all...people still wonder about that 18 1/2 minute gap in the Nixon Watergate Tapes...

And what would model/actress Lauren Hutton have looked like without her gap?

Or would Alfred E. Newman have been the cover boy for Mad Magazine without his gap-toothed smile?

Have you ever wondered how the first couple of chapters of The Book of Mormon would have read if Martin Harris hadn't created that little gap in the translation by losing the 116 translated pages from the Book of Lehi?

I think it would have been fascinating hearing Lehi's family's story told by the father as opposed to one of the sons (instead of, " I Nephi, having been born of goodly parents", it might have started, "I Lehi and my wife, Sariah, were pretty good parents, but while Nephi and Sam and a few other of the children turned out fine, Laman and Lemuel and a couple of the other kids were real knuckleheads...!)

So, all of that thinking led me to the conclusion to not try and fill in the gap. Instead, I will just start the blog going again with this picture of the Di Giovannis and Diane and me today in the mission home in Resistencia!



  1. There is a recording at the train stations in England that plays, Mind the gap! In your case, I think it's true. Sooooo glad to have you back in Argentina!

  2. Glad to see you and la Hermana Heyman rolling along, I hope you guys have a great mission back en lo mejor del mundo!

  3. I like this start...makes you think! Welcome back, can't wait to see what's next! xo

  4. yayayayayaya!!!! How exciting!!!!! I'm hope she's doing well! :) So glad you guys are back!!

  5. What gap? ;] Glad things are well.

  6. So happy your over the gap! Glad you made it back safe and sound! I wanted to introduce you to one of your near future missionaries, Elder Rogers. He lives in Gilbert and heads your way in April. He has a twin brother heading to Buenos Aires at the same time. They are both awesome!! I knew you and Diane both so busy while here that it would just have to wait!! But mostly I am so happy that blessings have come and you are back!! love to you both!

  7. We are happy you are back as well. Hayden (Elder Jones -- his Mom is now Mrs. Rodgers) is our Grandson and it is his twin brother that will be in BA North. His G'pa and I are serving a Temple Mission here in Buenos Aires and you can imagine how THRILLED we were when these awesome twins both got called the "Zion" (Argentina -- where my dad and husband both served their first missions) Actually the twins go to the MTC in April and should be heading down here in June, we think! We thought that both twins would have Arizona Presidents, but the Gulbrandsons leave in July! We're certainly glad at least Hayden (aka Elder Jones) will have one! Glad you're back, for sure!